Amber Hameed - MBBS Doctor and Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP)

Welcome to the virtual home of Amber Hameed, MBBS, RMP – your healthcare ally in Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. With a Doctor of Medicine (MBBS) degree, I specialize in cardiology, medicine, surgery, and gynecology. Your well-being is my priority!

Amber Hameed
Very nice experience, highly recommended Dr Amber hameed
Exceptional Healthcare Experience in Multan! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

If you're in search of top-notch healthcare services in Multan, I highly recommend Doctor Amber Hameed. As an MBBS doctor and Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP), her wealth of experience across diverse medical fields including cardiology, medicine, surgery, and gynecology ensures that you receive comprehensive and personalized care.

I recently had the privilege of scheduling an appointment with Dr. Amber Hameed, and the experience surpassed my expectations. The level of compassion and expertise she brings to the table is truly commendable. From the moment you step into her clinic, you can feel the dedication to patient well-being.

Dr. Amber Hameed takes the time to understand your individual needs, providing a tailored approach to healthcare that sets her apart. The seamless coordination and professionalism exhibited by her and the support staff contribute to a comfortable and reassuring environment.

If you're looking for a healthcare professional who combines skill with empathy, Doctor Amber Hameed is the one to trust. Schedule your appointment today and witness the positive impact that compassionate and expert healthcare can make on your well-being. Grateful to have such a dedicated healthcare provider in Multan!
One of the best Doctors In Multan
Satisfactory... Skillful clinician of the competent Doctors .. Highly recommend..

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Welcome to Amber Hameed's practice, where our commitment to your well-being has been steadfast. We prioritize building lasting and valuable relationships with our patients.

Let me dispel any misconceptions about our approach. Our focus is not on the denunciation of pleasure or the endorsement of pain. Instead, we navigate healthcare with a balanced perspective. While we acknowledge the occasional necessity of toil and discomfort, it is always in pursuit of providing you with profound pleasure and lasting health benefits.

Graduated from QAMC - Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, Bahawalpur


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Great experience as a first timer. I barely waited to be helped when I checked in. The staff and Dr. (Amber Hameed) were all very friendly and helpful. I especially loved how Dr. (Amber Hameed) really took his time to explain my conditions with me as well as my treatment options. So I highly recommend this clinic.

Aimen Khan


There are very few people who practice their profession with sincerity. And I feel proud to say that Dr. Amber also has such a personality who is sincere with her profession and ALHUMDULILLAH she’s a competent doctor.

Ahmad Haroon

Best physician in Multan
Dr. Amber Hameed
Very nice and polite doctor

Aqsa Aslam


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